Singstar Celebration ( PlayLink ) PS4

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PlayLink titles are all about social gaming, which everyone can enjoy. Even those friends and family members who don't usually play video games, PlayLink is a great way to get them involved.

Load the game into your PS4, pick up your smartphone or tablet, download the game app, gather around your TV and prepare for a different fun experience - without the need for multiple DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controllers.
- For one to eight players

Singstar Celebration
Karaoke! The entertainment form so beloved of small children and gigantic show-offs around the globe.

And now it's easier than ever to get on the mic and show everyone you're the next Cher. Or at least the next Chesney Hawkes.

In fact, you don't even need microphones to play SingStar Celebration - just a smartphone or tablet, and a Wi-Fi connection. Then you can sing into your device to your heart's content, or until the neighbours call the police.

SingStar Celebration features 30 huge hits and pumping party classics. Up to eight players can join in and there are loads of party games to play too. So whether it's your birthday, New Year's Eve, or just a rainy Wednesday but you went to the pub after work and had too much sherry, SingStar Celebration the perfect way to celebrate. Just remember to bring your good times, and of course, your laughter too.



Key Messages

- PARTY ON - SingStar Celebration turns any party into a night to remember. Especially if your friends happen to video your unique rendition of Like a Virgin and put it on Facebook.

- "BANGING" TUNES - The game features 30 songs from some of the biggest artists around.

- MAKE YOUR OWN MIC - Turn your smartphone into a personal, pocket-sized microphone. The SingStar Mic app is free to download and easy to use - just make sure your phone and PS4 are connected via Wi-Fi. You can even use the app to make your own mixtape and cue up your favourite songs.

- STRUT YOUR STUFF - You can record your performances and upload them to social media, or share them with like-minded karaoke fans via All you need is a PlayStation Camera and no shame.

- RECORD COLLECTING - Whether you're into rock, pop, hip hop, or obscure mid-nineties Scandinavian folk music, there's bound to be something for you on the SingStore. Just go to, choose from hundreds of extra songs, and download them with a simple click.


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